Our services


The inbound services provided by Suporter Call Center include:

  • customer care
  • virtual secretariat
  • taking orders
  • resolving complaints
  • providing information
  • message retrieval


The outbound services provided by Suporter Call Center include:

  • online sales
  • telemarketing
  • telesales
  • data base qualification
  • market research
  • follow-up calls
  • appointment setting
  • customer retrieval

We learned and respect a few essential rules

Here at Suporter Call Center we believe that our success results from our involvement and our employees.

The service quality is the cornerstone of our growth.

Our success is also based on our ability to manage and exceed customer expectations by providing reliable service with high standards and by building effective relationships with those we work for. Those satisfied with our services have real prospects of turning into loyal customers or to bring new and new clients.

Suporter Call Center understands each partner’s business processes and it adapts to their requirements.
We know how to manage relationships with clients because we focus on the quality of services offered in each hand.
From the range  of services offered by Suporter Call Center you can increase your business opportunities and also you may increase the workforce both through new tools, as well as through a continuous process of acquiring knowledge because we are aware that a successful strategy is based on flexibility, operational speed, innovation, orientation towards the customer and efficiency.